Cutting Down Obstacles

We take the guesswork and stress out of construction.
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Plan for Completion

Whether you are a general contractor, real estate developer, or property flipper, contact AX Property Management before you initiate your next job. Pre-construction planning is time consuming and can be frustrating. Making good decisions in the initial stages of a project is the key to a positive outcome, saving money, time, and ultimately increasing the volume of business your company is capable of doing.

Cutting Down Obstacles
Ensuring Success

Owner Matt Wheeler built his first tree house at age 12. One way or another, he’s been involved in the construction industry ever since. Over the years, Matt has seen too many jobs go off the rails because good contractors had inadequate plans or weren’t able to effectively communicate with home owners or other team members. As the owner of 99 North Custom Homes, a subsidiary of AX Project Management, Matt has developed a systematic program that takes the stress out of overseeing the building process, allowing you to concentrate on doing what you do best.

Customized Services

We understand that every job is unique and comes with its own constraints, which is why our services are completely customizable. There is no room in this process for surprises. Your project is a major investment, and you need to feel confident that you won’t hit roadblocks that put the whole thing in jeopardy—after all, your reputation and financial future are on the line.

Put Your Business on Autopilot

When you partner with AX Project Management, we’ll listen intently to your needs and make certain we understand your goals long before construction begins. We’ll assess all aspects of your project and use that data to provide recommendations which enable you to make educated business decisions. Your project will stay on track as you easily monitor details, ensuring the accountability of all team members.