3D Tours

See Your Space Before You Build

Constructing a new home involves a lot of imagination and planning. It can be difficult to really envision the final outcome by looking over blueprints. By the time you’ve selected your final floorplan, your imagination is probably stretched to its limits. At Ax Project Management, we provide our clients with a 3D tour of their completed home before building even begins!

Make Changes Early to
Save Time and Money

Like many, you may be wondering what makes a 3D tour so beneficial. Unlike a virtual tour, which is actual video of a home, a 3D walkthrough is a rendering that enables the user to add, move or completely remove elements, such as cabinets or furniture. Rather than merely indicating a home’s features, 3D walkthroughs allow one to gain a true sense of the space, as it incorporates height, width and depth.

Advantages of 3D Walkthroughs

  • Your project will be assembled in a computer program so that you can “walk through it” and make changes before construction begins, saving time and money.
  • Rather than go where a video tour takes you, you can navigate the space as you please.
  • You’ll know if the features you want in your project are doable and sustainable.
  • Once our design meets your approval, we can transfer it to blueprints. This offers huge advantages over the old process of redoing blueprints as the design evolves.
  • 3D design allows us to make an accurate materials list, which ensures that nothing is over or under purchased, both of which can affect the final cost and timeline of your project.
  • 3D walkthroughs also offer benefits for those seeking to remodel an existing space, and is a great tool for real estate agents and property managers.

Who Benefits from 3D Tours

Whether you are building new, remodeling or simply have a need to show an existing space, a 3D tour will provide you with many advantages. The following is a small sampling of the clients we help:

Home Owners
Real Estate Companies
Home Builders
Property Managers
Hotels and Restaurants
Assisted Living Facilities
Retail Establishments
Storefronts and Offices

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