Project Management Consulting

Unique Projects Require Customized Plans

If you are in need of a full-service project management company, look to AX Project Management; we provide construction services. With a wealth of experience in the construction industry, we get your project started on the right foot and give you the tools needed to keep it there, in order to give you the best possible return on every dollar you have invested. As our services are customizable, clients may opt to partner with us for a specific project or a monthly subscription for all projects. We’re Cutting Down Obstacles in these areas and more:

Material Take Off (MTO)

We’ll carefully analyze blueprints and provide a detailed list of the materials you’ll need to complete a job, right down to the fasteners.

Labor Estimates

Poor labor cost forecasting can blow a budget out of the water. We’ll skillfully calculate how long your project will take and accurately determine your labor budget.

Project Schedule

A solid schedule minimizes downtime and guarantees projects are finished on time and within budget. You’ll have access to a complete calendar and Gantt version of the full build project.

Executable Job Plan

 Take the guesswork out of every job with a plan that informs you when to order materials, when to contact subcontractors, and what to tell homeowners.

Job Tracking Software

You, your team, and your client will have access to job tracking software, which lets involved parties know how the project is progressing. This will minimize the time you spend playing phone tag.

Subcontractor Agreements

While it would be convenient to do business on a handshake, it isn’t prudent. We’ll draw up contracts with subcontractors to protect you and the homeowner.

Employee Agreements

When employees understand standard job procedures and practices, everyone wins. We’ll protect your assets with clear employee agreements.

Safety Programs

No project is truly successful if a team member becomes injured. We’ll integrate industry standard safety requirements into your project that will safeguard everyone involved.

Job Procedure Lists

 In order for a project to advance on schedule, team members need to know what tasks must be done and when. We’ll create a replicable job process that will keep your project moving forward as planned.

Make a Plan to Succeed!

If you’re ready to propel your company to a whole new level and increase the volume or scope of your business, then it’s time to work with a project management company that is invested in your success. AX Project Management specializes in providing general contractors, investors, and property flippers in Rochester, MN and the surrounding area with the tools they need to succeed. Developing a structured approach to your next job ensures it will be completed on schedule and within budget constraints. Contact us today to learn more about our services. We’re Cutting Down Obstacles!

Who We Work With

General Contractors

Bringing a project manager into a job in its early stages allows us to provide design input; we can also work closely with subcontractors, so we can provide you with more accurate cost estimates and timeframes, and avoid mid-construction changes that can affect your bottom line. We’ve developed a seamless process that has served our general contractors well and, best of all, it couldn’t be simpler!


Send us blueprints or draw up your own (we provide templates and coaching on how to do this).


Send a description of the project and what work you will be performing.


We will put together a job packet that contains all of the pertinent details.


In order for a flip or investment property to be profitable, you must tightly manage your project’s budget and schedule. If this is your first foray into the process, you may find yourself overwhelmed by calculating the extent of the work that lies ahead of you and its costs. If you’ve been down this road before, you understand just how important it is to hit the ground running before you lose more money than you stand to make.

AX Project Management knows just what you’re up against. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of property investment and flipping and can inspect your building, or one you are considering purchasing, and provide you with an accurate cost estimate and timeline for meeting your goals. Being informed early on will help you make profitable decisions.

Ready to begin Cutting Down Obstacles on your next project? Contact AX Project Management today!